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Things We Covered In Our Recent Seminars

We recently ran a couple of seminars here at our training centre to introduce you to the new updates in the latest MYOB Programs - these seminars were attended by over 100 people over two days. Here is a small summary of what we covered at those seminars, as well as some further information that is fairly important for all MYOB users...

  • Installing The Software - Should I upgrade to the new version or should I wait?
  • Before upgrading your company file - Identifying customised forms for migration, preparing a "common folder" of things to be upgraded
  • Upgrading your company file
  • New features (Windows) - New look accounts list, Introducing right click mouse button, New feature (Sorting), New feature (Moving/Adjusting columns), Improved feature (End of Year adjustments), New feature (Audit Trails), Improved feature (Users and roles), New feature (Save the pay run)
  • Reports - Multiple windows
  • Forms - Customising forms (improved), Migrate custom forms (from earlier versions)
  • New Features (Mac) - Progressive billing and check sales profitability, Web Store
  • New Features for iPad & iPhone

New changes and improvements information coming very soon - keep checking back on this article.

MYOB RetailManager

Don Marshall has been recognised for some time now, as arguably WA's leading Consultant and Trainer when it comes to MYOB RetailManager.

If you currently use MYOB RetailManager and believe you could benefit from some further "one on one" training, the we suggest you contact our Office to arrange for Don to assist you with this, either here at our Ebiz Solutions, MYOB Training Centre, or onsite at your location.

An Update On The Cloud (And Not The Weather)

Ebiz Solutions believes the Cloud is the way for Businesses moving forward ... especially in the Accounting / Bookkeeping World.

There has been plenty of bad press in the past two years about MYOB's move into the Cloud (some of it founded ... some of it not), however, we firmly believe those "uncertain days" are now behind us and if you have been holding back from making the "jump", then now is the time to call us to further discuss.

We have successfully transitioned 100's of clients to the latest versions of MYOB, in the Cloud.We recognise this to be a daunting thought for many traditional users of the "Classic version" of MYOB ... ie V19 ... but the advantages and incredible new features of Accountright 2014 are now too impressive to ignore, in our opinion.

The Online revolution (Cloud) is here to stay and just like the "revolutions" of the past in the IT World (remember when you first heard about this wierd thing called the Internet ... or when you first convinced your Boss to allow you to do the Books on a Computer), Cloud is fast becoming the "norm" not the "exception".

Why not get on board the Online Revolution now, by calling us and speaking with Rob Marshall about transitioning your MYOB, into the Cloud.

Some Reasons Why You Should Be Online

If the thought of moving your MYOB into the Cloud is still too confronting for you, we still think you should be considering some form of Online presence, if you have none at the moment. A website will modernise your business...It's not a trend, it's not something that will ever come to pass - Websites and/or web presence in other forms such as Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter and more, are fast becoming the first point of reference for your business. A website is not just a business card anymore, it's a shop front. Here's a few things to consider:

Did you know that on a website, you're reaching more than your niche market? You're not just in a phonebook anymore, you're part of a tangible presence on the wide world web, and all it takes is for someone to mention your business on Facebook, link or not link, for hundreds of their friends to see it, and head straight over to Google, with your business name in mind. Not only that, but if someone can not make it in to your shop, they are able to get an accurate first impression of your business just by paying your web address a small visit. Having a website shows you care enough about your business to try and help those who like to use the internet to find what they're looking for...

MYOB have a new initiative called "MYOB Atlas," and it's going to change your business for the better. Head over to our page on MYOB Atlas to see what all the fuss is about, as well as some information on how Ebiz Solutions can set up a website FOR YOU, for virtually nothing at all. By passing on some extra gravy in your next lunch order, you could have a brand new website, thanks to MYOB and Ebiz Solutions. Click here to find out about our new website offer.

Tweet Yourself Into Success

What the heck is a "Tweet!?" Is probably a thought process you've found yourself going through many a time over the last year or two. Just when you thought you'd wrapped your head around the concept of "liking" something on Facebook, people start running round "Twittering," in a manor that could either render them: A. Insane or B. Ingenious. Little did we know how much a Twitter could do for our business - it's literally the most consistant fountain of knowledge, tips and information "out there in the real world," if you know how to use it right. blue-bird

It's a daunting concept - another "social network." But it's bigger, easier, and more accesible than that. At the recent MYOB Partner Connection event, we were given a run down on just how Twitter can be used as a TOOL rather than the shortcut to another migraine. "Micro-Blogging" is basically another word for "Short news update," short being 140 characters (letter/words spaces) to be precise. However, it can be a great marketing tool in this way. Statistics have shown that large paragraphs and emails tend to be skipped or skimmed, due to the concept of having to read a large chunk of material. Instead, you could make it:

"Just received our first box of the brand new MYOB Upgrade - If you want them, they're now in our office for a great deal!"

That, in it's raw form, is a "Tweet." It's quick, it's brief, it's informative. You could then go on to promote your Twitter account to your clients as your main "News Stream," because they don't need an account to view it. Not only that, but those of your clients who do have Twitter could then "Re-Tweet" your update to their "followers" (others with accounts who have subscribed to their updates), completely re-inventing and modernising the concept of word-of-mouth.

Give it a try. It's another small step in the right direction for your business, and it's completely free. You have nothing to lose as it takes five minutes to set up, as well as even less time than that to get on and add a "tweet." Here is a few accounts you can have a look at, to see what it's capable of...

Ebiz Solutions - @EbizSolutionsWA

MYOB Australia & New Zealand - @MYOBteam

Rob Marshall - @MYOBrob

Telstra Small Business Awards
- @TelstraAwards

MYOB Partner Connection 2011 - Ebiz Solutions takes out MYOB Partner of the Year!

2011 was a real highlight year for us. MYOB as a company, turned 20 years old and celebrated by holding its biggest ever Conference, yet.

Our very own Rob Marshall was announced at a massive Gala Dinner ... as the inagural Australian MYOB Partner of the Year, the number one and most highly regarded MYOB guy - in the whole of Australia. See photos below of Rob accepting his award in front of the huge crowd in attendance that night, by MYOB CEO, Tim Reed.



Apple iCloud: Your Business In "The Cloud"

Perhaps you've got an iPhone or another Apple product that utilises the current "cloud" system, "ICloud" For those of you who aren't familiar with "the cloud," is basically a storage space for information, files, and more, that isn't on your computer, yet can only be accessed by you via a username and password, anywhere, anytime. In essence, its an online storage space for anything you like, without having to worry about your computer crashing, or losing your USB stick! ICloud has essentially become Apple's own version of the "cloud" and has proved successful for people of the business world at a staggeringly increasing rate...

Mobile Me

You can try and resist ... but the Cloud is here to stay.

If you currently use Internet Banking or perhaps something like "ITunes", then you are already experiencing the Cloud.

So keep your ears to the ground for more information about Cloud Computing, as it may just be that extra added edge you need for your business. Also, remember that MYOB have their own accounting program that uses "The Cloud," it's that one little stroke of genius that could save you time and money from here on in. Go to our Products page to read all about MYOB's Cloud option called MYOB Essentials along with your opportunity to learn how to potentially put your current Accountright product into the Cloud.